Sollozzo’s Zesty Italian Soup

Zesty Italian Soup
Sollozzo's Zesty Italian Soup Bowl $11 Cup $6 Cup & breadstick $7 A Bowl of Sollozzo's Zesty Italian Soup. Sweet sausage in an Italian tomato based soup topped with shredded parmesan and homemade croutons, served with a garlic buttered breadstick
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House Salad
Tattaglia’s Chicken Caesar Salad $16 Tattaglia’s Chicken Caesar Salad. Juicy marinated chicken in Romaine and Iceberg blended lettuce with Caesar dressing, shredded parmesan cheese and homemade seasoned croutons and a breadsticksSubstitute our juicy steak chunks add $3
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cheese tortellini with Alfredo sauce and breadstick
Barzini’s House Tortellini $15 Barzini’s Succulent House Tortellini. Juicy cheese tortellini in a delicious garlic alfredo sauce served with a garlic breadstick
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Corleone’ Streak Alfredo
Corleone’ Steak Alfredo $20 Steak Alfredo Corleone’ and garlic buttered breadstick, the best thing you will eat all day
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Corleone’ Chicken Alfredo
Corleone’ Chicken Alfredo $18 Decadent Chicken Alfredo Corleone’ and garlic buttered breadstick. Juicy marinated chicken with creamy alfredo sauce in penne noodlesMake it Cajun $1
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Barzini’s House Spaghetti
Barzini’s House Spaghetti $17 Fat Clemenza’s Angel Hair Pasta with Italian meat sauce (The house spaghetti) and garlic buttered breadstick
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Tessio’s Ground Sirloin Meatloaf
Tessio’s Ground Sirloin Meatloaf $13 2 slices of Tessio’s Ground Sirloin Meatloaf in succulent gravyWhy do we have meatloaf on the menu? Because it’s that good! Great with a side dish.
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Marinated Falsa Chianina Steak
Marinated Falsa Chianina Steak $16 Marinated Falsa Chianina choice steak cuts! The American version of one of Italy’s elite breed of cattle served with sautéed onions, portabella mushrooms, both or neither! Side Choices (additional)Mashed Potatoes with Beef Gravy, Green Beans, Fries, Side Salad or Cup of Soup1 side dish $4   2 sides $7  ...
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